The survival of democracy is dependent on the active participation of its citizens. Since 2001, Gerald Farinas has been involved in community building, and has been an advocate for measures that protect civil liberties.

He learned to become more vocal in advocacy as president of Loyola University’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender student and faculty organization—fighting for visibility, non-discrimination, and marriage equality on a Catholic campus. Very much involved in community politics, Gerry admittedly was too vocal for comfort and was removed from leadership.

In 2005, Gerry entered politics to advise the historic U.S. Senate race between former Amb. Alan Keyes (R) and Illinois state Sen. Barack Obama (D). Having been in the inner circle of a statewide race in a party not of his own, Gerry was equipped with the skills needed to move progressive campaigns in the future.

After a failed attempt to run for Chicago City Council, Gerry was invited to return to LGBT advocacy in a different way—as editor of one of Chicago’s most read LGBT news publications. He remains committed to using the freedom of the press as a means of educating the public to make better decisions—in choosing movements in which to participate, in joining campaigns, in voting at the ballot box.