Hale Mehameha is the official residence of Gerald Farinas. The naming convention is in keeping with a longstanding tradition. It means “The Lonely House” in the Hawaiian language.

Hale Mehameha is currently located at the historic Hotel Sovereign in the Edgewater Beach neighborhood of Chicago.

Gerry’s residence is a former home of silent film legend Charlie Chaplin. He lived there for months at a time while filming movies. Gloria Swanson and King Christian X of Denmark, are among other famous guests. Lifeguard Johnny Weissmuller of Tarzan fame supervised the swimming pool.

Previous locations of Hale Mehameha include 1033 W. Loyola Ave. in Rogers Park and 518 W. Cornelia Ave. in the Boystown enclave of Lakeview East.

When in Honolulu, Gerald resides at the family home, Sunset Lakeview.