Portrait of Maria Concepcion Caballes Fariñas. Photo: Mila Fariñas Marcos.

Portrait of Maria Concepcion Caballes Fariñas. Photo: Mila Fariñas Marcos.

In the wake of her passing, our silence is but momentary.

The silence is then kissed by the soft crying, the welling of tears until single drops become a single stream.

Our tears are the measure of Maria Concepcion Caballes Fariñas and her force in our world.

Our memory of such life, passions lived in fullness without regret, are ultimately her legacy left for us. They are what we, too, must learn to achieve.

In the wake of tragedy in Orlando, I had faced the mortal dimensions of reconciling the truth of who I am. In the wake of my hānai grandmother’s death, her life was an affirmation that the truth of who I am is part of her legacy. And I must carry on and continue it by accepting my truth and living by the principles of her motherhood.

Live your life.

Live without regret.

Say hello to strangers.

Smile for those who cannot smile.

Smite the pains of the world by reaching out your hand and touching the person next to you.


Love without apology.

Love without regret.

Express it.

Don’t hold back.

Say it.

Say “I love you” at every moment you can to those you love. You’ll never know when the opportunity to declare it will cease.

If there is a God, our want to touch his graces is not toward the sky to a figure we can only imagine.

We now call her an angel, in death. But she was sainted in life. She knew full well that the reach of God is through our individual graces, shared with those around us. It is by our smiles, our touch, simple conversation, to friends and strangers, that the principles of such faith are really achieved.

We do the work of God. His work was love. Her life was that.