You and I probably saw God as we went about our business.

We turned away, just as we move our eyes away from things because we’d rather not look at them, because it’s hard to look at them for what they really are.

It’s like the mom digging in her purse for the last dollar she has just to buy her kid a small carton of milk. Meanwhile, the kid’s eyes look lost in hunger.

There’s the older man eying your tray of leftovers. They’re the same leftovers you decided to just chuck in the trash because you’ve had enough.

There’s the sex worker hiding his face in shame as he walks by because he knows what you’ve judged him to be. There’s pain in that judgment—pain abated just for a moment later with other kinds of bodily harms.

There’s the teen who found out she’s pregnant and is figuring out what to do next. And all you want to do shame her, even call her a slut. You don’t even know her, but that’s what you did.

There’s the daughter of an undocumented immigrant—working part-time jobs after school for enough cash, just for lunch money and school supplies. But you’d rather pay her the bare minimum and say she’s just asking for too much.


We turn from God all the time.