I am not going to lie! Being from Hawaii is one of the best things that’s ever happened to my dating life in Chicago.

People are naturally drawn to me by the mystery of meeting someone from a far-off place that most Americans can only imagine what it’s like.  But the fact that I was born and raised in Honolulu doesn’t only benefit me when it comes to meeting new people. It could be argued that my qualities as a Hawaii man is a major benefit to the lucky person who gets to be in a relationship with me!

Here are the top ten reasons why you should date a Hawaii man.

1. He’s all about the aina!

Hawaii locals have an innate connection with the land—the earth, soil, sand, flowing upcountry waters, ocean surf crashing on the shore. Your Hawaii man most likely won’t take for granted the environment, the natural beauty that surrounds him.

Your Hawaii man will see beauty everywhere—and most likely will be able to find it, acknowledge it, and celebrate it in the most unlikely places, and most importantly, in unlikely people, too. To him, everyone is beautiful because nature created it all.

2. Ohana is more than family!

Hawaii locals are very much family oriented. And it’s not just family by bloodlines. Their idea of family very much includes hanai relationships—people so close to them outside of blood bonds that they truly feel brotherhood and sisterhood in its strongest terms.

Your Hawaii man sees only one kind of family—and everyone is related. In Hawaii, he will call every person his grandparents’ age “grandpa” and “grandma.” He will greet every person his parents’ age as “uncle” and “auntie.” The random folks he meets in line at Long’s Drugs, walking by as he hangs at Pearlridge, or invites to talk story at the beach park is “braddah,” “sistah,” or “cuz!”

3. Simplicity is something he won’t take for granted!

Hawaii locals value the simple things in life. That’s what happens when you’re living on a massive rock in the middle of the largest ocean in the world.

Your Hawaii man knows how to strip life away of its big city accouterment. Just put on your tee and board shorts, put your slippahs on your feet, listen to him strum his ukulele to the anthem of the simple things. Sing along.

“And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.”

4. He’s more cosmopolitan than your average city guy!

Your Hawaii man is very worldly. That’s what happens when he was raised in a place where many cultures and traditions were blended on the pineapple and sugarcane plantations for over a century. He most likely has a favorite expression from each heritage.

He also most likely has a favorite food from each and every one of those cultures: Chinese, Filipino, Hawaiian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Puerto Rican, Samoan, Vietnamese, and so on and so forth.

He will definitely love one dish that melds all of those food traditions together: a hot bowl of saimin noodles and broth with every Pacific Rim garnish right on top!

5. He knows how to eat!

And speaking of food, your Hawaii man probably isn’t a calorie counter, if you enjoy the pleasures of eating! He knows the perfect marinades for juicy cuts of beef and pork just asking to be sizzled on a hot beachside grill. He knows how to impeccably season fresh fish—most likely caught that same morning.

Going out? He knows where the best food trucks are in Honolulu, the best mix plate drive-ins, the best local kine grindz hole-in-the-wall storefronts.

He’ll educate you on the wonder that is Spam—and that in musubi fashion, it is not to be feared.

He’ll teach you to dive into a poke bowl with chopsticks and climb a mango tree afterward for the freshest tropical fruit you’ve ever had.

6. The Spirit of Aloha guides him!

The word means more than a “Hello!” or “How are you?” It’s a philosophy. It’s a way of life. Your Hawaii man lives with and by the Spirit of Aloha. It means always thinking of others, to be compassionate and offer it when it’s needed. He will brush aside his own prejudices to make people feel welcome. Your Hawaii man expresses the Spirit of Aloha with a smile—even when it’s tough to put one on. Because he knows, eventually something to smile about will always find its way.

7. His sports ethic transcends the court and field!

A Hawaii man looks at his favorite sports differently than most mainlanders. There are no professional NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and definitely not NHL teams in the islands. Because of this, when he wanted to see a good game played on a real court or field, he went to the local high school or college to push his team.

Amateur sports are where it’s at in Hawaii. And your Hawaii man then has a better appreciation and focus on skill, rather than the commercial frills of pro sports.

From this, in the context of your Hawaii man’s larger world, he values ability and measures achievement in the working towards improving talent, rather than the number of titles a player can gain.

8. He’s a hard worker!

Speaking of work ethic, your Hawaii man values labor. He probably is one of the hardest working people you know!

He values hard work because he was surrounded by people that had to in order to survive in the islands—one of the most expensive places to live in America.

He could probably tell you stories of family members sacrificing every moment of daylight to pick and pack pineapple, and hack and haul sugarcane, back in the old days. His own hanabada days might have involved a parent or two, working multiple jobs at the hotels, shops and restaurants to make ends meet.

9. He knows how to be laid back!

Despite a tough work ethic, your Hawaii man knows when to lie back and chill. He knows that life doesn’t have to be complicated, that problems will be resolved in time.

Your Hawaii man probably is soft-spoken and more careful with his words—in comparison to the mainland men you’ve dated. He most likely speaks each word in slower pace, too. He speaks with the rhythm of the ocean—indicative of island life. It’s relaxing for those around him.

His relaxed tone and patterns makes his whispers of sweet nothings all the more romantic.

“E kipa mai. Ko aloha makamae e ipo. Aloha au ia ‘oe. Come to me. Sweetheart, you are so precious. I love you.”

10. In the end…he is Hawaii!

People who live in Hawaii often look at the world and its many problems and say, “Lucky you live Hawaii.” In the end, being with a Hawaii man means just that. You live Hawaii—no matter where you are on this vast earth.